Alice Night & Clare Dea


7:00 pmThursday, 23 November


Bar 303

303 High St, Northcote

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Alice Night is a candid singer-songwriter and performer likely to make you laugh, cry or both. She delivers soul-stirring songs alongside entertaining off-the-cuff banter. Alice has won the hearts of many over the last ten years of recording, releasing and touring original folk music. 

This November she’s touring the east coast to launch the first single ‘Eventually’ from her upcoming album ‘Wild Ivy.’ For this launch she will perform ‘folk songs, joke songs & bespoke songs’ at intimate venues from the Sunshine Coast to Melbourne. Most of this material has not been heard or seen before and is a celebration of the Weirdo Alice and the weirdo in us all. 

Expect outfit changes, character play, cuss words, poignant, provocative and playful assessments of reality, fake pop songs and authentic folk songs, (and odd mergings of the two,) all woven together into a night of expression through song. There is an aliveness to Alice's stage presence that means that no two shows are ever quite the same. 

Alice offers her audiences an oasis for feelings and contemplation, while singing songs that dip seamlessly between the mundane and the profound. Her vocal tone is both soothing and evocative as it draws out the truth in the room. 


‘brings tears to my eyes every time’

‘an unapologetic realness’

‘I was instantly struck by her warm wonderful voice’

‘thrilling to witness’

‘I've never heard a voice so honest’

‘saucy, poetic & real’

‘healing, reassuring & empowering’

‘oddly funny'

This event will feature special guest performer, much-loved Melbourne artist Clare Dea to open the evening.

Clare Elizabeth Dea is a dynamic and captivating performance artist, keynote speaker and creative mentor empowering people to transform shame and love their imperfections.

She ‘whips the audience into a frenzy’ - Weekend Notes

Extremely passionate about authentic expression, storytelling and connection, audiences rave about her ability to move them so deeply.

“That was seriously one of the most brilliant performances I have ever seen” Benjamin Harvey. 

Working in the entertainment industry, Clare started wearing a lot of masks on and off the stage. Hiding from the world that she was born with Poland's Syndrome, a rare congenital condition, where her left hand side of her body is smaller than her right. Born without her left pec, her left breast never developed as a teenager. She was so ashamed of her body and even after surgery, she kept it a secret until she was 28. 

After years of therapy and creative development, she wrote and published her book ‘The One Breast Goddess - Transforming shame into beauty.’ This led to many speaking opportunities including an invite from Tedx. 
Inspired to get her message out to more people, alongside her passion for performing, Clare started creating one woman memoirs for the stage.
Her solo shows 'Dropping The Mask,' 'Devil Woman' and 'The Spiritual Love Gurus' have all been a roaring success. Sold out seasons, rave reviews and an Australian Tour.  

Media caught onto Clare's shows and story and she started receiving publicity all over Australia. Studio 10, The Guardian, Herald Sun, Channel 9 Honey, The News Daily, The Melbourne Explorer all featuring her story. 
Clare is currently performing her new comedy show 'A Drug Called Fame' as part of Melbourne Fringe Festival and will tour it around Australia in 2024. 
This year, 10% of all profits from Clare's gigs goes to Rare Voices Australia. She hopes to inspire more people to share their stories in safe spaces. 

Clare is so excited to be performing alongside the extremely talented Alice Night and looks forward to connecting with you at the show.


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