Alex Macfarlane (Hobbies Galore) [FRONT BAR] Marshstepper (USA), Straightjacket Nation, Nerve, Ying-Li Hooi, Perfume & DJ Simon J. Karis [BANDROOM] Syrup, Go On (Brisbane) 'Last Light' Album Launch with yffe,r ZÖJ, Warplan [UPSTAIRS]


7:00 pmFriday, 28 June 2019



61-71 Johnston Street Collingwood

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Driven by the power of oneiric intent, Arizonan collective Ascetic House follow an iconoclastic approach in their practice of live performance. As Marshstepper, they utilize sound, silence, euphoria and violence to illuminate the crack between its conjunction of contradictions. An exploratory advance into the ophidian current, aimed at the dissolution of all distinction. Marshstepper is Emil-Bognar Nasdor, Sam Rolfes, Andy Rolfes, N. Nappa and JS Aurelius.


Valley Heat Records brings you the debut album from Gold Coast dream-poppers, syrup, go on. 'Last Light' is out on cassette and digitally on June 20. Joining them at The Tote will be Yffer, ZÖJ, Warplane.

Gold Coast based, psychedelic dream pop outfit, syrup, go on boasts luscious, orchestral soundwaves, providing a wall of sound that Phil Spector would approve of. An eventful 2018 saw the release of the band’s debut EP, Joyful Hesitation, which received both international and domestic air play. Riding on the back of this success, the psychedelic poppers haven’t slowed down, rocketing down the cosmic drain to produce their debut LP, Last Light.

With a wide range of influences from The Flaming Lips to Jon Hopkins, Last Light, delves into themes of solitude, despair and the perils of human relationships. The 10 track LP captures a glimpse of the collective psyche that was syrup, go on at a moment in time. The band finds peace through the realisation and acceptance of the inevitable departures of life. Despite desolate themes, optimism is always a layer away.

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