Alex, Alina & Chev at Ragtime Tavern


8:00 pm-11:00 pmSaturday, 30 November 2019


Ragtime Tavern

206 Tyler Street, Preston 3072

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Alex: Alex is a Melbourne local, singer and keys player who has recently built a repertoire of original tunes. Her music is coloured by the genres of jazz, blues and folk layered with sultry and soulful vocals. Her lyrics often speak to her own experiences of living in remote places and resilience and try to incorporate elements of improvisation, an element of music she is very much drawn to. Alina: Alina's sound blends elements of folk, rock, blues and roots to create a mixture of soft ballads and piano-driven pop songs with a strong lyrical focus. Alina uses music as a way to authentically and playfully communicate a message, uncover a story or as a way to express a certain feeling. Chev: Chev (Mihra, My Elephant Ride) is a singer/songwriter playing keys and vocals. She bares intimate introspection about life, love, and mental health, straight from the heart and woven into indubitable soul/pop earworms.

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