April Amnesty 2023


April Amnesty 2023



Ajak Kwai ~ Ben Fester ~ Colette ~ Darcy Justice ~ Greetings ~ Khiarra ~ Mick & Kev ~ OJ Kush ~ Otologic ~ Our Carlson ~ Polito ~ Squid Nebula


12:00 pmSaturday, 12 March 2022


Bodriggy Brewpub

245 Johnston Street, Abbotsford

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Frens and fam, we are thrilled to be curating our second Electric Kool Aid foray—three nights and two days of uninhibited joy exploring the sound, space and face-melting electric currents of sour craft beer.

Bodriggy Brewpub will play host to ten of the best breweries and a full program of colour surfing performers including, dance, live music and more.

Over three days, the Brewpub will swell with a three day music programme and exclusive tap list and menu.

Try exceptional swill, catch an electric lineup and be present in a curated moment in time and space.


Over thirty artists playing live in the Brewpub + Stingrays, Friday to Sunday.

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    Bodriggy Brewpub

    245 Johnston Street, Abbotsford