7:00 pmWednesday, 31 July 2019



484 Smith St, Collingwood

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Adore is a four-piece made up of brothers Michael and George, their cousin Tibor, and friend/Canberra import Jack Palmer. They formed in 2014 as a trio, and started playing shows late 2015. Expanding to a four-piece in 2017 with Asher Elazary on guitar, this lineup persisted throughout 2017 before Asher decided to part ways from the project to pursue his solo work. After a hiatus in 2018, Jack stepped in in the last quarter. Having released their debut album in March this year, they are now busy working on a followup record, as well as new material. Their early sound has been compared to acts in the post-rock and alternative genres like Slint, Radiohead, Deafheaven and Mogwai and they are now pursuing a more hardcore and post-punk-influenced strain of guitar music, taking their lead from other Aussie trailblazers like Idylls and No Sister as well as other experimental acts like The Dead C and Boris.

Crash Material is a shoegazing post-punk 3 piece, based in melbourne via the south pacific. The band features Siahn Davis, Monika Fikerle, Perry Mahoney. Keep your ears peeled for recordings.

Overtime is Michael, Alex andJake on drums, guitar and bass. Their sound references math-rock, noise rock and punk. A cacophonous and cathartic explosion of feedback and intricate melodies.

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