AC Dixie – The songs of AC/DC Country Style!


7:00 pmTuesday, 15 November 2022


Drunken Poet

65 Peel St, West Melbourne

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AC/DC wrote some of this country’s most iconic and memorable hard rock songs.

Mostly around one simple riff and a few easy chords, yet catchy melodies and poignant lyrics for the demographic it was targeting.

Bon Scott’s “toilet poetry”, Malcolm Young’s solid rhythms and Angus Young’s blistering lead breaks captured a nation of bogans but what if their music was “countrified”. What if we put those words into the mouth of Johnny Cash or those chords into the hands of Glenn Campbell ?

Would the songs have the same meaning but for a different audience?

Sean Simmons & Bronwyn Henderson believe YES and attempt to take those few barre chords, slap a capo on them and turn them into open chords… take Angus’ guitar and put it on a fiddle or Bon’s bagpipes and put them on an accordion… and most of all,  breathe love, loss and heartbreak into what they believe are some of the most beautiful songs ever written…

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