Aaron Chaston (arvo) Rosario De Marco (evening)


3:00 pmSunday, 23 June 2019


Wesley Anne

250 High Street, Northcote

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Aaron Chaston and band, in collaboration with King Moon Records, are launching Lost and Free at the Wesley Anne – Sunday, June 23 @ 3.30pm. The title, Lost and Free, provoked a kaleidoscope of thought for me. To be free is a great feeling. To be lost can be uncomfortable. For some, it yields a sense of adventure and opportunity. Freedom can have a strong sense of togetherness and unity, counter to my youthful ideas. When the opportunity to put the album onto vinyl came up – I jumped at it! As a listener I love vinyl. The warmth you get from the tube amp, the drop of the needle, the crackling as it spins. The feeling of the record in your hands, as you handle it in that particular way, as you flip the disc over. I hope to share that feeling with this album. Come down for a chilled afternoon of Indie Folk, delicious food, beers on tap, good times and probably a bit of a laugh. Entry $10 at the door. Album $25.


Rosario De Marco, guitarist-composer is renowned throughout Italy for his arrangements and performances of Neapolitan and popular music. Rosario has performed live as well as for national TV and radio. He has released a number of CDs, including "Light and Shadows" "Roots" and "Intuition". His music captures the warmth and passion of the Southern European lands, taking elements from flamenco, jazz, classical, folk and popular music. With this mixture of different musical inspirations, he creates his own personal and highly melodious style…

Rosario is a gifted musician and composer, he can create a Mediterranean atmosphere with just a guitar. His style is something between melodious picking and rhythmic percussive playing. The general impression is aggressive and experimental, he adds a lot of influences into his tunes but it always sounds somehow rooted in the Mediterranean, yet with a unique flavour to it.

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