A Gazillion Angry Mexicans - Vinyl Launch, Lemurs in the Sun, Public High, Khan


7:00 pmSaturday, 17 November 2018


Bendigo Hotel

125 Johnston Street, Collingwood

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2018 has been a exciting/terrifying year for A Gazillion Angry Mexicans. Driving up and down highways, eating road stop sangas and quaffing iced coffees has really helped the boys develop their live show as a tight/loud/sexy unit.

2018 also was the year they released their debut album “StonerPopDoomPunk” and now it’s time to put it on wax..... HOT WAX!

To celebrate the monumental achievement of four shitbags bringing out a full length album they are doing the one thing they are known for.... PUTTING TOGETHER A PARTY!

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