A Bag of Bones and Other Alien Relics w/ Night Eyes + Abbey Rose


7:00 pmTuesday, 22 November 2022


Old Bar

74 - 76 Johnston St, Collingwood 3066

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This revolutionary exhibition unveils newly discovered intergalactic artifacts, exposing these divine beings as not of Earthly decent but from an alien world - their true place of origin. Venture into an extraterrestrial world of rolling red crystallized hills to discover the relics and artefacts of the once powerful Gods and Goddess, from their now dead and deserted planet. Deities that later fled and carved a place into the folklore and history of our home planet of Earth. Through these relics observe the decay and destruction of the Deities’ past lives and their decent into Earthly glory.

Performing on opening night are Nighteyes and Abbey Rose!

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