Crokinole 2022 Championships


3:00 pm-11:30 pmSaturday, 26 March 2022

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It's the Crokinole Bottom Half of the World Cup!

Crokinole is a quick, fun, easy to learn ( 3.5 rules) disk-flicking dexterity board game. Similar to the games of pitchnut, carrom, and pichenotte, with element of shuffleboard and curling reduced to table-top size.

One great aspect of the game is that the losing player is at an advantage, which results in many exciting tightly contested matches.

Free event, win a $700 Tracey Official Competition Crokinole Board.


When: 3pm, March 26th

Where: Baba Hawker, 148 Sydney Rd, Brunswick, Vic (03) 9389 9824

Dress Code: Fancy dress expected, there will be cameras, maybe even streaming.