1 Year of Groove: Live From Planet Earth - Live Stream


5:00 pmSaturday, 22 August 2020

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Did ya miss us?

One year (and a bit) on from our debut event and Groove is throwing its first birthday party, lockdown style! Much as we'd love to be celebrating with you all in person, the show must go on in spite of the circumstances and so we've well and truly pulled out the big guns with a heaving lineup and killer location.

Our stream will be broadcasting direct from the depths of the Sub Club to the comfort of your home so that you'll feel as if you've accidentally entered Melbourne's most hedonistic basement via a 4th-dimensional tear in your living room. We're also being joined by some of our favourite Groove homies for an evening that promises a diverse selection of tunes and a consistently ripper vibe.

DJ Brigida

Freddie Diasco



Public Houseing


Catch you on the other side of the screen.