7:00 pmSaturday, 31 July 2021


The Bridge Hotel

21 Walker Street, Castlemaine

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Thee dynamic duo return to the stage this July in ye olde Goldfield town Castlemaine at the famed Bridge Hotel. Get on Airbnb, find a couch to crash on, or maybe you live in town. Just pop down to the Bridge for dinner and stay for the noise after 9pm!

Bruiser are a three piece descended from heaven straight to hell. Their heavy rhythms satiate even the most depraved bottom-tier listeners and excite all the other people with unpretentious taste. This band is a knock on combination of sludgy filth and electric harmony a la Bongzilla with MBV urges. Get off your arse and come watch this band for a less than pretty pennie.

Imagine a rotting corpse, now stop, that’s got fuck all to do with this band. 00_ urge listeners to feel that need to bounce and press their tongue around their mouth and teeth in order to cope with vicious chops and the beyond strung out nature of the performance. An unfamiliar band with a drip fed, magnetic sound. I assure you, bring a loved one, they’ll love you even more.

Tickets $10 plus BF

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