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Becoming a Subscriber Discounter is a great way to support Triple R while promoting your business to our listeners and subscribers!

Triple R is Melbourne's leading independent radio station. We have approximately 440,000 listeners per week, 14,000 loyal subscribers, and receive over one million web hits per month.

We are a not-for-profit community radio station and we rely on listener subscriptions, volunteers & sponsorship from local businesses to continue to broadcast quality listener-funded radio.

Our Subscriber Discounters offer an ongoing 10% discount or a comparable exclusive benefit to current Triple R subscribers. In return, Triple R promotes these businesses via our website, and runs on-air and print campaigns driving listeners to the Subscriber Discounter section of our website. 

To get started, please complete the Triple R Subscriber Discounter Application.

If you require more info, fill out the form below, hit the submit button and we'll be in touch shortly.

Thanks for your interest in supporting Triple R!


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