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Contact us - Interview requests

Triple R runs interviews with a wide range of musicians, artists, writers, commentators and active types.

We're always keen to hear what people are doing and like to support where we can, however we do receive far more interview requests than we're able to place.

Every interview request will be considered but the final decision is always up to individual programs.

The best way to approach the station for interviews is by using the form below or emailing either our Music Interviews Coordinator if you're a band or musician, or our Talks Producers if you're anyone else (ie, for arts, events, books, current affairs or issues based interview requests).

The details you send through will then be forwarded to all of the most appropriate broadcasters and we will get in touch with you if we're able to place an interview.

We have a policy of just one interview per person / band in any 3 month period, so while we always want to know what you're up to, we need to share the love that is the Triple R airwaves.

In cases where an interview can't be scheduled, there are a number of other ways you can get details on air or on this website:

· Triple R subscribers can submit their own music, arts or community event by logging into our subscriber section. To set up your subscriber web account, email sublogin@rrr.org.au with your subscriber number.

· All bands can submit gig info to our gig guide

· Other arts and cultural events can be submitted for consideration in our weekly Arts Diary

· Free or low cost arts or community events that run on a weekend can be submitted to our Things To Do Today Segment. Email the details to thingstodotoday@rrr.org.au.

· Stand out community events can be considered for Community Service Announcements

· In some cases, your event might work best with Sponsorship spots on Triple R

Fill in the details below to get your interview requests in to either the Music Coordinator or Talks Producers.


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