Triple R Website Admin Documentation

Clip Types

7 August 2018

We have distinct clip types for the purpose of categorising segments on the Triple R website.

Each clip/segment uploaded should fit into one of the following clip types. On the rare occasion that it doesn’t we will consider adding a new clip type if we expect more clips to fall into this type in the future, or in many cases we might just choose “Segment” as a generic type.

The current list of clip types is as follows:

Updated: 23/07/2018


An interview in studio or a pre-recorded interview elsewhere that doesn’t involve a performance and is not conducted in the performance space. (See ‘Live in Studio’ or ‘Live on Location’ for interviews involving performances and see ‘Live at Triple R’ for interviews in the performance space.)

Live at Triple R

A performance/broadcast/interview conducted in Triple R’s performance space.

Live in Studio

An performance (can include performance with interview) conducted in a Triple R studio.

Live on Location

A performance/broadcast/interview conducted outside the station (an outside broadcast).

Feature Segment

A documentary/investigation/program that extends beyond a single interview and typically runs longer than an interview. The most common thing to fall into this clip type will be entire Max Headroom episodes. A particularly long and/or interesting interview should fall under ‘Interview,’ a particularly interesting edition of a weekly segment should fall under ‘Segment.’


A part of a program that may or may not be a recurring segment and that is not an interview and doesn’t include a performance. Clips that do not fall into any other clip type and do not necessitate a new clip type should also be put under ‘Segment.’