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Images/Assets (WIP)

6 August 2018

These docs are a work in progress.

  • Can add assets in two ways: directly from in the assets area or via the "Add asset" button from the asset selection drop down in content editor pages for most content types.
  • Upload highest res possible.
  • Some parts of the site have cropping and effects, be aware of these, be sure to check how it looks once you've uploaded it and make necessary adjustments/choose another image.
  • Accepted types: jpg, png, gif, pdf.
  • Title:
  • Attribution: This is where we give attribution to a photographer, source or copyright holder. This will be displayed in most places the image is shown. Use "Photograph by: Name" where applicable.
  • Caption: This will be shown below the image wherever it is shown on the site. This is for captions like "Vaughan Quinn having a laugh with Kid Congo."
  • Admin notes: These are private to us in the admin area. Use this for notes like "Used for Soundscape preview image 6/8/2018" or "Don't delete, it's meant to be blurry."
  • Published from: "set to now" most of the time
  • Published until: leave blank most of the time, except where we only have rights to use until a certain date, etc. After this date the image will disappear from wherever it had previously been shown.
  • Outdated after: Leave blank most of the time. Different from published until in that the image will not disappear from where it has been used but it won't be able to be attached to anything new. Handy for images only approved for one-off use.
  • Tags: Different to how other tages work (link to other tags documentation), won't be shown on the site, useful for searching through the assets. If there's a way of describing the asset that isn't already searable in the title or in the description of your asset then you can put that here. Good examples are adding "Presenter" as a tag for all presenter images so that a quick search of assets can list all of these images. "Album of the Week" is another useful example.
  • Create Asset.

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