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Record Store Day on Breakfasters

Paul Cook, owner of North Melbourne’s Heartland Records, gives the Record Store Day 2018 lowdown to the Breakfasters team.

Finding Common Ground on SmartArts

Richard chats with choreographer Anouk van Dijk about her latest contemporary dance piece with Chunky Move, Common Ground.

The lost boys on Breakfasters

Psychologist and writer Gina Perry drops in to chat about her new book The Lost Boys: inside Muzafer Sherif’s Robbers Cave Experiments. 

Rethinking the republic on Uncommon Sense

Don Watson joins Uncommon Sense to chat about his piece in The Monthly on Australia becoming a republic. 

Superfluity farewell Scott Edgar

The Superfluity team farewell Scott Edgar live in the RRR Performance Space

David O’Doherty on Breakfasters

Irish comedian, David O’Doherty joins Breakfasters to talk his new MICF show, You Have to Laugh.

Michael Beach talks Split Singles Club

Melbourne musician, Michael Beach sat down with Kulja and Dylan on The Grapevine to discuss his new solo track for the upcoming Split Singles Club.

Surviving Eugenics on The Grapevine

Professor of philosophy, Rob Wilson joined Kulja and Dylan to discuss the atrocities of forced sterilisation and his new doco, Surviving Eugenic.

The Song Keepers

The Breakfasters are joined by director Naira Sen to talk about her new documentary The Song Keepers.  

Triple R Soundscape: 16 April 2018

This week Nokia, Rainbow, Consoles and more! 

Health care complaints

Associate professor at the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health Marie Bismark, joins Einstein A Go-Go to talk health care complaints. 

Space Invadas Get Down

Katalyst from the hip-hop duo joins Chris Gill to chat about their latest record, Wild World.

Spain in Australia: a celebration of Bang! Records

Join Sara Bosch and Leah Teschendorff as they celebrate 20 years of the Spanish indie label on Max Headroom.

Criminalising wage theft on Breakfasters

Coordinator of Young Workers Centre Keelia Fitzpatrick discusses the epidemic of wage theft being perpetrated by businesses on Breakfasters.

Inherited wealth on Uncommon Sense

Political philosopher and author Dr Dan Halliday discusses economic justice and his book The Inheritance of Wealth with Amy Mullins.

U.S. Girls on The International Pop Underground

Meg Remy, AKA U.S. Girls, chatted with Anthony Carew about her new LP, In A Poem Unlimited, touring, and being an American ex-pat.

The Ancients on Banana Lounge Broadcasting

Jon Michell from The Ancients stops by to chat about their new album Frozen Aisle.

Courtney Barnett on how she really feels on Maps

Courtney Barnett stops by to chat about her upcoming album Tell Me How You Really Feel on Maps

Gourmet Vegemite on Breakfasters

Larissa Dubecki shares how the iconic Australian spread is making its way on to gourmet menus.

Women Like Us

Authors and comedians Mandy and Ellen spoke about their new book on Banana Lounge Broadcasting.

Michael Hohnen talks Gurrumul Documentary

Gurrumul collaborator, Michael Hohnen joins Breakfasters to chat about the upcoming doco detailing the life of the late indigenous singer-songwriter.

First Aid Kit on Twang

Swedish folk duo on their latest album and some pressing contemporary topics.

Dr Joelle Gergis on Climate Change in Australia

Climate scientist, Dr Joelle Gergis phoned into The Grapevine to discuss her latest book, Sunburnt Country.

Triple R Soundscape: 9 April 2018

This week Harpoons, Birds, Goat and more! 

Byte Into It Live on Location from Melbourne Knowledge Week

Celebrate 25 years of Triple R's tech show Byte In It with a live broadcast from the Melbourne Knowledge Week Hub on Wednesday May 9th!

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