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Whats going on - News

Promartyr's Joe Casey on Maps

Joe talks about his experiences making the band’s latest album

Gilbert Rochecouste talks Placemaking

He joined Greening the Apocalypse to discuss development and community invigoration

Dr Jen talks door-induced memory loss

Dr Jen discusses the phenomenon for the Breakfasters ‘Weird Science’ segment

Watch Machine Translations - 'Sola' (Live at 3RRR)

They stopped by the RRR Performance Space to play lve during Banana Lounge Broadcasting.

Watch (Sandy) Alex G - 'Proud' (Live at 3RRR)

He stopped by the Triple R Performance Space to play a live-to-air set during The International Pop Underground.

Good Muslim Boy

Osamah Sami dropped by Breakfasters to chat about his new play.

Black Milk

Detroit producer and performer Black Milk dropped by to chat with Eva Lubulwa on POCNESS.

Cross-sectional data and the Superstars of STEM

Biostatistician Dr Karen Lamb joined Einstein A Go-Go to chat about her recent projects.

Livewire 10th Birthday T-Shirts!

We have a limited number of these awesome Livewire t-shirts left after their 10th Birthday live-to-air last weekend...

Triple R Soundscape: 19 February 2018

This week Syrup, Dissolve, Fantasy and more! 

Bugs, grubs and other edibles

A new film explores the growing prevalence of insects as a viable source of food, on the Breakfasters.

Inside the global humanitarian crisis

Dr. Denis Dragovic, UN consultant and expert on refugee affairs, joins The Grapevine.

Trevor Jackson joins Skull Cave

The man behind the UK electroclash band Playgroup joins Woody McDonald for a chat.

Meet you at the cemetery gates

Sunita Varlamos of Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust visits Breakfasters with a whole new immersive way to tour the Melbourne Cemetery.

Exploring identity in video games

On Queer the Way, Adam Christou talks to cultural critic Katherine Cross about how video games help people explore their queer identities.

‘Formative Five’ with Franz Ferdinand

Paul Thomson from Franz Ferdinand chats about his ‘Formative Five’ on The Golden Age of Piracy.   

The Story Only I Can Tell on SmartArts

William Yang joins Richard Watts to chat about his performance The Story Only I Can Tell on SmartArts

Breakfasters talk AFLW with Sam Lane

Sports journalist and author Sam Lane discussed AFLW and her new book, ROAR.

Greening the Apocalypse return for 2018

The Greening the Apocalypse team return for 2018 and talk about what caught their eye over the break.

Mollusc on Local and/or General

Melbourne-based dark-wave duo Mollusc come by to talk about their final show.

10th anniversary apology

Muriel Bamblett, CEO of the Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency joined Breakfasters to discuss the anniversary.

Cyber-bullying inquiry

Elena Tsalanidis and Alex Dworjanyn of Victorian Women Lawyers dropped by Uncommon Sense to have a chat.

Triple R Soundscape: 12 February 2018

This week Mollusc, Boots, Sunshine and more! 

The secret papers of John Kerr

The Breakfasters chat with Jenny Hocking about her latest piece for the Griffith Review, ‘Relics Of Colonialism’.

It’s the Livewire 10th Anniversary Special

with special guests Hoss and Bitch Diesel.

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