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The Triple R audience is diverse, sophisticated and loyal! Lifestyle-driven they are couples, young singles and midlife households who are optimistic and either seeking to experience all life has to offer– travel, a career, friends and family – or are well established in their lives and careers with well-developed global perspectives. 

One in two are working in a white-collar professional or managerial role with higher levels of discretionary income. They have a higher propensity to consume lifestyle products such as travel, entertainment, audiovisual equipment, computer accessories and software, books, fine foods, specialty beverages, home improvement and self-improvement products. 

The Stats

440,000+ weekly Melbourne listeners
14,000+ paid subscribers
200,000+ page-views on rrr.org.au per month
73,000+ visits on rrr.org.au per month
61,000+ page-views per month on 3RRR Radio On Demand
80,000+ hours listening to the live stream per month on rrr.org.au
20,000+ hours listening to 3RRR podcasts
22,000+ weekly e-newsletter circulation
16,000 tri-annual subscriber magazine, The Trip, circulation
40,000+ Facebook
57,000+ Twitter followers
20,000+ Instagram followers


32% work in professional, business manager or executive roles
23% are business owners, self-employed, work in sales or clerical roles
20% are technical, skilled, semi-skilled or manual workers
65% work full time
46% earn more than $60,000 per annum
53% have a, Bachelor or higher, university degree
19% are 40-54, 48% are 25-39 and 28% are 15-24 years of age
57% of monthly listeners are male, 43% female
37% are single/never married, 26% are married/in a partnership with child(ren) at home
30% are married/in a partnership with no children 

Source: McNair Ingenuity 2011 

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