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Presenter - Declan fay


How did you first connect with Triple R?

I met Chris Kennett at Melbourne University while he was hosting Unexplained Phenomena. I was the wide eyed first year who wanted to change the world one student theatre show at a time and he was the jaded student union arts officer who had moved his office onto the balcony of the Union Bar. For months I bombarded him with alcohol until he eventually let me appear on Unexplained Phenomena.

What/when was your first show?

Sometime in 2000 I was given the phone answering duties on Unexplained Phenomena, becoming intimately acquainted with every stoner, slacker and borderline psychopath that made up the show's core demographic. My personal favourite was the girl who had taught her cat to say Hello. I'm serious, the fucking cat could say Hello.

What's your favourite Triple R story?

Special Commendations: Nearly being beaten to death by Taylor Hawkins from the Foo Fighters...  The Violent Femmes playing live in the studio while Gordon Gano was clearly suffering from some sort of Bird Flu, copping a handful of Phil Nichol's sweat soaked ball bag while he did his entire interview naked at our last OB.

However the all-time favourite, full body tingle, open up and say Ahhh Triple R moment must be when Tripod played Paranoid Android at our first OB. While he still denies it to this day, I swear I saw Chris smile that night.

Your favourite other Triple R program and why?

Top Billin'. Now please can I come on the show and drop some mad rhymes?

What does Triple R mean to you?

Without sounding too Christian youth group I really wonder what I might be doing now if I hadn't stumbled into those studios.

The studio door has accidentally jammed shut with you stuck inside. If there was only one CD in there with you what would you want it to be and why?

Anything by Faker, because the second we'd play "This Heart Attack", there would hordes of people tunneling into the studio with their bare hands to drag us out.

 Favourite Quote

"Don't fuck it up" - Tracee Hutchison as we walked into the studio to do our first show. About thirty seconds later we fired off the wrong track on the mini disc.

"Chris, Declan, I would love to come on your show, but unfortunately you're a pair of cunts" - Tony Biggs voicemail message which bought the house down at our second OB.

"Are you those guys who just spend your whole show talking shit?" - A female volunteer Declan was trying to pick up during a Radiothon party. She eventually went home with one of the guys from Run Like You Stole Something (you can never trust fucking jocks).

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