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Playlist - 11580

RWAV 17th October

17th Oct 11

Presenters - Paris Thomson & Jerry Pura

Panel Operator - Til Heggie

Producer & Online Content - Kat Mahina

Today Paris & Jerry explore the Melbourne Laneway Commisions project, learn about E Waste recycling and take a look at a drawing class with a difference. 


Steaphan Paton - Steaphan Paton Art  for Melbourne Laneway Commissions 


Click here for further information on the Urban Doolagahl Project

John Gertsakis - Senior sustainablity officer WSP Environmental


Andzej Nowicki - Grey Eye Society


Track listing: 

Cameras - Patience, It Was The Truth (In Your Room 2011 LP)

Gosteleradio - Odyssey (Gosteleradio 2011 EP)

Tiger Choir - Ephermeral City (Unicycles 2011 LP)

The National - Fake Empire (Boxer 2007 LP)

Geoffrey O'Connor - Whatever Leads Me To You (Vanity is Forever 2011 LP)

The Tallest Man On Earth - You're Going Back (The Wild Hunt 2010 LP)

Kasabian - Underdog (West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum 2009 LP)

Design - Actual Size   Web Developers - Monkii

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