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Playlist - 11571

RWAV - 3rd Oct, 2011

3rd Oct 11

Room With A View - 3rd October, 2011

Presenters: Diana Conti, Zara Cooper

Panelist: Georgia Morgan

Web Producer: Peter Yacono

Producer: Steph Winkler

Today we speak with...

Kumari Middleton from Mayibuye 

Mayibuye aims to create generations of young people who believe that a better world is possible and are empowered and enthusiastic about seeing it happen within their life time.

Mayibuye is a Zulu word from South Africa that means ‘bringing back what was lost’. It evokes a time when everyone was happy and life was simple, filled with singing and dancing. A time before the Apartheid and before the societal destruction inflicted by drugs, alcohol and HIV.






Ben Turner

Ben is planning to complete an East – West crossing of the Pacific Ocean in a customised ocean rowing boat from Lima, Peru aiming for Sydney, Australia taking him across more than 13,000km of water and taking approximately 270+ days to complete! If successful with the row Ben will become the first Australian and youngest person to cross the Pacific Ocean solo, non-stop and unassisted.



We also hear a short documentary peice from..

Peter Yacono, Steph Winkler & Kat Mahina

Featuring ...









and finally..


Wooden Shjips - Lazy Bones

Pissed Jeans - R-Rated Movie

Franco Cozzo - #3

Terrible Truths - Diamond

HTRK - Body Double

Total Control - See More Glass

Royal Headache - Wilson St

Beirut - Santa Fe

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