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Playlist - 11557

Kat, Til, Jerry, Lucia, Paris

12th Sep 11

Producer: Kat Mahina

Presenters: Til Heggie & Jerry Pura

Panel Operator: Lucia Felicetti Clark

Web Content: Paris Thomson

Teresa Blake - Movement Director of Memme Le Blanc

Teresa Blake is the Movement Director of Union House Theatre’s production of Memmie Le Blanc. The play, written by Hilary Bell, will be performed by a cast of student actors under the direction of Tom Gutteridge at Melbourne Uni’s Guild Theatre.

Memme Le Blanc is running from the 14th - 17th September at the Guild Theatre located at the University of Melbourne.


Ian Kiernan – CEO of Cleanup Australia

Jerry and Til discussed the proliferation of bottled water products, the safety of drinking bottled water and the industry's impacts on the environment with the Chief Executive Officer from Clean Up Australia, Mr Ian Kiernan.


 RWAV segment - Bakery Reviews

 Til and Jerry swapped opnions on the best and worst of many tasty little morsels being hand crafted in a selection of their facourite bakeries accross the city.

Among the favourites was the Natural Tucker Bakery - famous for their walnut and caraway loaf, cheese and dill rolls and Latvian bread, this institution is the oldest sourdough bakery in Melbourne.

A spread of bakeries are sprinkled along Brunswick's Sydney Rd, where flatbreads, mince lamb, cheese pies and Middle Eastern Desserts are made every day. Fond of a filo? Head to A1 or Balha's for Middle Eastern gastronomic delights.

Opposite the cemetary on Lygon Street Carlton is Filou's Patisserie, pumping out some of the best French pastries in Melbourne - fruit tarts, vanilla slice, tuna and olive quiche are a few delacices which are apparently to die for!

Sebastien Bento - Projector Obscura

Topping off the show was a chat with Sebastian Bento from Projector Obscura; a collective who perform live visual mixing and projector-based events. Sebastien discussed the concepts, projection artistry in Melbourne and upcoming gigs the collective are soon to execute.



Track 1 Califone - Funeral Singers

Track 2 Dead Letter Chorus - All Mine

Track 3 Udays Tiger - MFOT (Mouth Full Of Teeth)

Track 4 - Little Scout - Know Your Exit

Track 5 Brakes - Jackson

Design - Actual Size   Web Developers - Monkii

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