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26th Jul 11

Before Warpaint dropped by, spent most of my time counselling a very tortured Dave Graney on how to be a better friend to his tortured friends. "Ring them up and ask them out for a beer," I lectured. "Must I take up drinking again?" he whined. "Yes. At some point this weekend I want to see you outside a pub at 3am, vomiting, with your arm slung around a bloke who is also vomiting, and I want to see you howling the word "Maaaaaaaate" into each others ears in a very tender yet highly heterosexual fashion. You must get absolutely slaughtered. Do not ask these fellows out for a cup of tea in a trendy cafe. Too many eyebrows will be raised." That night I went to see The Hives play. Rocking et hilarious. Last night Warpaint. Fabulousso. Lanegan this Sunday. Am ashamed that Dave and I forgot to mention Amy Winehouse on the show. What a huge loss to music. She wrote Frank before she was even twenty. A jaw-droppingly precocious, talented-to-the-max real deal artist.

I love watching this:


And here's Marky back in ze day:


Our playlist:

The Byrds - Gunga Din

Gillian Welch - Scarlett Town

Bulls - Monster

The Whats - You And The Bishop

Ben Salter - Know Your Strength

Precious Jules - Shine Some Darkness On Me

Pajama Club - Tell Me What You Want

Mark Seymour - Legend Of Showmen

Great Earthquake - Appropriate

Randy Newman - A Few Words In Defense Of Our Country

Richie 1250 - The Whippet Walk

Elephant Eyes - I Want To Know

Sand Pebbles - Occupied Europe

Hired Guns - 1973

Bloods - Like A Diamond

Brous - Streamers

Warpaint - Shadows

Warpaint - Set Your Arms Down

Warpaint - Majesty

thanks for listening


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