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Playlist - 11403

Show Number: 465

19th Jul 11

Remember The Fallen: Marcel Jacob of Talisman

Jaguar ‘Axe Crazy’ Axe Crazy

Savage ‘Cry Wolf’ Loose ‘n Lethal

Jameson Raid ‘Seven Days Of Splendour’ Just As The Dust Had Settled

Catwitch ‘Faces’ Faces

Demonhead ‘Hellbent On Disaster’ Demonhead

H.M.A.S. Vendetta ‘The Lighthorsemen’ The Lighthorsemen

Black Country Communion ‘The Outsider’ Black Country Communion 2

Talisman ‘Mysterious (This Time It’s Serious)’ Genesis

Def Leppard ‘Rock Brigade’ On Through The Night

Alice Cooper ‘No More Mr. Nice Guy’ Billion Dollar Babies

Black Veiled Brides ‘Set The World On Fire’ Set The World On Fire

Avenged Sevenfold ‘Flash Of The Blade’ Live At The LBC & Diamonds In The Rough

Unearth ‘Overcome’ Darkness In The Light

The Black Dahlia Murder ‘Moonlight Equilibrium’ Ritual

Job For A Cowboy ‘Execution Parade’ Gloom

Terrestrial Exiled ‘Duodecimal Levorotation’ Duodecimal Levorotation

Terraphobia ‘Hell On Earth’ Evilution

Testament 'Nightmare (Coming Back To You)’ Practice What You Preach

Forte ‘Stronger Than Death’ Vae Solis

Segression ‘Blood Lace Black Day’ Never Dead

Scar Symmetry ‘Demolition Agenda’ The Unseen Empire

Periphery ‘Eureka!’ Icarus Lives

Devin Townsend ‘Deconstruction’ Deconstruction

Wither ‘Cosmos’ Wither

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