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12th Jul 11

Written by Elizabeth:


No guests again! While the music was playing, I sat there like whatzername in Eliot's The Wasteland, chiming, What shall we do (without guests)? What shall we ever do (without guests)? My highbrow references sailed right over Dave's tweed-hatted head. Went home, dumped my cds off, then headed across the road to a chicken 'n' chips bar. Hadn't eaten since my meagre breakfast (oats, banana, and water because I'd run out of almond milk). The local hoods from Doherty's Gym came by. I sat at a table with a guy who had tatts dusted about his cheekbones. I chewed my chicken roughly, just to impress. Went home and napped for a few hours then made myself some peppermint tea and read another slab of Patti Smith's Just Kids. It's a lovely read. You know when you meet someone and all you talk about is music and books and movies and shit? The book's like that. Patti and Robert in New York in the late '60s, broke, and sucking it all up.




Our playlist:




Mark Fitzgibbon - Majority


Ukeladies - River Of No Return


Brous - Streamers


Magic Silver White - Over Under


EMA - Grey Ship


Keren Ann - My Name Is Trouble


Panel Of Judges - Mountain Eyes


Brat Farrar - Woke Up Early


The The Stutterers - I Don't Want My Seafood To Waste


Belles Will Ring - Come To The Village


Snowman - Snakes & Ladders


Art vs. Science - A.I.M. Fire!


Harmless - Here's The Girl


Ron Sexsmith - Get In Line


Mark Seymour - Little Bridges


Wagons - Downlow


Keep On Dancin - Elvis


Yeo - The Weight I Pulled


Ellesquire - On The Prowl


Botanics - Mind Your Business


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