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Playlist - 11312


5th Jul 11

Written by Elizabeth:


Dave's come back and has informed me that he is "moving away from leather". He's getting into suits and was dressed liked a guy who's been kicked out of the armed forces but can't quite let the uniform go. Grey turtle-neck, key on a chain around his neck & a navy blue jacket with military shit on the shoulders. A man in search of just one more mission.


We had a nice time reconnecting. After the show we swept into the office and made a bunch of demands on the overworked RRR office staff. "Get me a football player for next week," said Dave. "Get me Courtney, Jarvis, Monster Magnet in weeks to come," said I. Then we jumped on a tram, read Inpress and had a loud arguement as to whether Henry Wagons needs to lose any more weight. Dave's all, "He looks fine." I'm like, "He needs a plate of ravioli bolognese topped with parmesen and a loaf of bread on the side." Went home, had a nap, then partook of a vegan dinner party which ended with participants youtoobing footage of Guns n' Roses Live at the Ritz '88. A cracker!




What we played on the radio:




Mark Fitzgibbon - Nailing


Ronny Jordan - My Favourite Things


A French Butler Called Smith - Driving Home


EMA - Grey Ship


Guns N Roses - Rocket Queen


Mark Seymour - Sylvia's In Black


Mark Seymour - One More Ride


Urge Overkill - Mason/Dixon


My Morning Jacket - Holdin On To Black Metal


Sparkle Motion - My Friend (Magic Silver White)


Dog Trumpet - Invisible Eyelids


The Hired Guns - 1973


The Music Magicians - Convertibles and Headbands


Tex Perkins & The Dark Horses - Snakes


Beasts Of Bourbon - Just Right


Mica Paris - I Should've Known Better


Mick Harvey - That's All, Paul


Coco Rosie - Smokey Taboo


Ron S. Peno & The Superstitions - The Death Of Me


Liz Martin - Oh


thanks for listening


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