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Playlist - 11308

Show Number: 463

5th Jul 11

Laceration Mantra interview

Remember The Fallen: Midnight of Crimson Glory

Anthrax ‘Fight ‘Em ‘Til You Can’t’ Worship Music

Demolition ‘Means Of Control’ Kill Zone

Forbidden ‘Forsaken At The Gates’ Omega Wave

Laceration Mantra ‘Victims Of Hate’ Prolonging The Pain

Denial Fiend ‘Ripped Inside Out’ They Rise

A Million Dead Birds ‘Leech’ Laughing Force Fed Enlightenment

Sausage Chopper ‘The Enemy’ A History Of Violence

Burgerkill ‘Through The Shine’ Venemous

King Parrot ‘Sun In The Sea’ The Stench Of Hardcore Pub Trash

Khariot ‘Shade’ Disymposium

Manilla Road ‘Into The Maelstrom’ Playground For The Damned

Cirith Ungol ‘The Fire’ One Foot In Hell

Brocas Helm ‘Blood Machine’ Defender Of The Crown

Ironsword ‘Wrath Of Crom’ Overlords Of Chaos

Blind Guardian ‘Majesty’ Tokyo Tales

Crimson Glory ‘Valhalla’ Crimson Glory

Evergrey ‘Out Of Reach’ Glorious Collision

Communic ‘Destroyer Of Bloodlines’ The Bottom Deep

Satan’s Host ‘Revival’ By The Hands Of The Devil

Weapon ‘Left Hand Pathyoga’ From The Devil’s Tomb

Queensryche ‘Retail Therapy’ Dedicated To Chaos

Sylosis ‘Edge Of The Earth’ A Serpents Tongue

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