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Playlist - 11252

Show Number: 462

28th Jun 11

Synthetic Breed in the studio

Demo Days Revisited: Fates Warning (aka Misfit) – “Misfit Demo” (1984)

Pegazus ‘We Live To Rock’ In Metal We Trust

Stormhunter ‘Unholy Seed’ Crime And Punishment

Zuul ‘Howl OF The Wolf’ Howl OF The Wolf

Synthetic Breed ‘Resilience’ Perpetual Motion Machine

Testament ‘Murky Waters’ Demonic

Synthetic Breed ‘Beyond The Sphere Of reason’ Perpetual Motion Machine

Our Last Enemy ‘Ants In The Palm’ Fallen Empires

Synthetic Breed ‘Affliction Of Advancement’ Perpetual Motion Machine

The Andriod Meme ‘Ordo Ab Chao’ Ordo Ab Chao

Daedalus ‘Your Lies’ Motherland

Fates Warning ‘Last Call’ Misfit Demo

Sun Caged ‘The Lotus Effect’ Shades Of Hades

Redeemer ‘Unhinged’ Global Exorcism

Witheria ‘Perished In Torment’ Vanishing Order

Split Heaven ‘Street Law’ Street Law

Barn Burner ‘Keg Stand And Deliver ‘Bangers II: Scum Of The Earth

Gang ‘Skull’s Out Of Genocide’ V

Garage Days ‘Dark And Cold ‘Dark And Cold

Earth ‘From The Grave’ The Bleeding Fields

Autopsy ‘Seeds Of The Doomed’ Macabre Eternal  

Infernal Majesty ‘Overlord’ None Shall Defy

Valsans ‘Hall Of Fame’ Sword

Falconer ‘Gammal Fabedpsalm’ Armod

Thurisaz ‘Fare Thee Well’ The Cimmerian Years

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