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Trumpet My Playlist

21st Jun 11

Dave was back on air. Ho hum! Dog Trumpet came in. Totes bangin nice chaps. They're the same height. What height you ask? Short! We had a pleasant afternoon. Came home after the show and some plumbers were in my kitchen, saying things like, "This spindle is totally fucked." They were young, around twenty years old. They've probably made more dough in the last week than I've made in the last six months. They fixed the kitchen taps, and the water pressure in the shower. "Don't let me get in your way, fellas," I said, stripping off and plonking myself in the bath for a post-BLB chillax. "Say, you don't have any of those darling little Hot and Cold labels that you could pop on the taps, do you? Silly me, I'm always getting confused as to which tap is which!" "Certainly, Ms.McCarthy," they replied, "I think we have something here that will sort out that problem for you."



Ok that was really lame. Whatevs!



Our Playlist:



Pulp - Something Changed


Tex Perkins & The Dark Horses - What Do You Want Now?


Mark Fitzgibbon Quartet - Izone


Hollie Cook - Milk & Honey


Belles Will Ring - Come To The Village


Holy Sea - Ten Rules


Holy Sea - King Of Palm Island


Donny Benet - Don't Hold Back


The Native Cats - The Singer Is Dead To Me


Cosmic Psychos - Hate, Drunkeness, Vandalism, Demolition


Mental As Anything - Beserk Warriors


Dog Trumpet - Mr Alcohol & Mrs Marijuana


Dog Trumpet - The Wilson Home For Crippled Children


Dog Trumpet - Manchester


Dog Trumpet - Wood Grows On Trees

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