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Playlist - 11160

love me like a playlist

14th Jun 11

Written by Elizabeth:


Dave called in from Darwin. He wanted to go on air immediately and I'm like "Call back in five minutes, pal. Actually, make that four minutes and 30 seconds. I'm playing the Television Personalities". He hung up and phoned back half-way through the Magnetic Fields. I'm like "You're forty-seven seconds too late. Try again in two minutes twenty-three. I'm having a ball." He hung up. Took his call again in the middle of a Cruel Sea track. I'm like "This Cruel Sea track is really doing it for me. The listeners love it too - so many text messages. Call back in two minutes forty." Silence on his end for a good fifteen seconds. Then came the menacing directive: "Elizabeth McCarthy, WILL YOU PUT ME THE FUCK ON AIR."




Choice dope I dropped:




Coco Rosie - Smokey Taboo


Junior Kimbrough - Release Me


Heartless Bastards - Done Got Old


Crystal Fighters - I Do This Everyday


Native Cats - The Singer Is Dead To Me


Television Personalities - Ex-Girlfriend Club


Magnetic Fields - I Thought You Were My Boyfriend


Cruel Sea - This Is Not The Way Home


Gillian Welch - Wayside/Back In Time


Linda Ronstadt - Tumblin' Dice


Liz Phair - Never Said


EMA - Marked


Mr. Sterile Assembly - March Of The Fulfillmen


The Bites - Heady Heady Heady


Ellesquire - On The Prowl


The Plums - Gun


Dan Brodie & The Grieving Widows - Lower Me Down


Marlena Shaw - Woman Of The Ghetto


Chicks On Speed - Eurotrash Girl


Weird War - NDSP


Lost Animal - Say No To Thugs


The Owls - Sugarcane


UV Race - Burn That Cat


My Morning Jacket - Holdin Onto Black Metal


Mudhoney - Inside Job


Belle & Sebastian - Act Of The Apostle


thanks for listening


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