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Playlist - 11082

Show Number: 459

7th Jun 11

Interviews with Vulvagun & In Malice’s Wake

Demo Days Revisited: Heathen with Paul Baloff (1988)

GammaRay “Hold Your Ground’ Skeletons & Majesties

Symphony X ‘Heretic’ Iconoclast

Darker Half ‘Duality’ Duality

Vulvagun’ Union Of The Snake’ Cold Moon Over Babylon

Anthrax ‘One Man Stands’ Persistence Of Time

Demolition ‘Strike you Down‘ Kill Zone

In Malice’s Wake ‘Evil By Design’ The Thrashening

Heathen ‘Hypnotized’ Heathen Demo with Paul Baloff

Chaos Divine ‘At The Ringing Of The Siren’ The Human Connection

Forever Never ‘Lost Forever’ Forever Never

66Crusher ‘Recreated Reality’ Blackest Day

Sepultura ‘Relentless’ Kairos

House Of Thumbs ‘Kin’ Crossing The Rubicon

Lost Chapter ‘Lifeless’ Lost Chapter

Morbid Angel ‘I Am Morbid‘ Illud Divinum  Insanus

Illdisposed ‘Heaven Forbid’ There Is Light (But It’s Not For Me)

Decapitated ‘United’ Carnival Is Forever

Catalepsy ‘Goliath’ Bleed

Norther ‘Falling’ Circle Regenerated

Design - Actual Size   Web Developers - Monkii

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