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Playlist - 11034

Show Number: 458

31st May 11

Remember The Fallen: Tomas "Quorthon" Forsberg of Bathory

Tribute to Twan Fleuren of Occult/Legion Of The Damned

Black Majesty ‘Millenium’ In Your Honour

Fallen Angel ‘Blood On My Soul’ Crawling Out Of Hell

Simulacrum ‘The Depraved’ Promo 2011

Vulvagun ‘Equinox’ Cold Moon Over Babylon

Gernotshagen ‘Blinde Wut’ Weltenbrand

Korpiklaani ‘Korvesta Liha’ Ukon Wacka

Claim The Throne ‘Mystical Hermit Of The Woods’ Triumph And Beyond

Bathory ‘Equimanthorn’ Under The Sign Of The Black Mark

Laceration Mantra ‘Thrown To The Wolves’ Prolonging The Path

Autopsy Macabre Eternal

Khariot ‘Crimson Sanctorum’ Disymposium

Nile ‘The Essential Salts’ Ithyphallic

The Beast From 20,000 Fathams ‘The Beast’ The Euphony Fusion IV

Blood Duster ‘Pornstorestiffi’ Cunt

NowyourfuckeD ‘Ouch My Balls’ Extra Positive

The Mung ‘Penetrating The Plump’ The Splatter Saessions

Rubbish Mob ‘In The Arsehole Of The World’ Up The Block Hole

Diabolical Demon Director ‘Aggressive Dominator’ Surrounded By Evil

Drakar ‘Demon Uchvatitrl’ Let Draka/The Flight Of The Dragon

Occult ‘Warbeast’ Elegy For The Weak

Assassin ‘Raise In The Dark’ Breaking The Silence

Beyond Description ‘Attack’ Proof Of The Truth

Resistance ‘A Premature’ Burial’ A Tale Of Decadence

Dark Covenant ‘Forever Amongst The Ruins’ Eulogies For The Fallen

Black Label Society The Song Remains The Same

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