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Playlist - 10987

Show Number: 457

24th May 11

Interview with HammerFall

Demo Days Revisited: Venom – “Demon” (1980)

Hell ‘Let Battle Commence’ Human Remains

Pharaoh ‘Tormentor’ Ten Years

Blind Guardian ‘I’m Alive’ Imaginations From The Other Side

Forbidden ‘Through Eyes Of Glass’ Forbidden Evil

Hatriot ‘Globacidal’ Demo 2011

In Malice’s Wake ‘Join Us And Fight’ The Thrashening

Venom ‘Angel Dust’ Demon Demo

Heretic ‘And Kingdoms Fall’ Breaking Point

Terrestrial Exiled ‘Duodecimal Levorotation’ Duodecimal Levorotation

Glen Drover ‘Mirage’ Metalusion

Leviathan ‘Degenerating Paradise’ Reunion Show 2010

Clandestine ‘Fracture’ The Invalid

HammerFall ‘One More Time’ Infected

In Solitude ‘Serpents Are Rising’ The World The Flesh The Devil

Portrait ‘The Passion’ Crimen Laesae Majestatis

Arch Enemy ‘No Gods No Masters’ Khaos Legions

The Amenta ‘Enigmatize’ V0ID

Internal Nightmare ‘Closed Loop Of Creation’ Segregation  

Synthetic Breed ‘Beyond The Sphere Of Reason’ Perpetual Motion Machine

Subjektive ‘Mental’ My Perception

Sirenia ‘The End Of It All’ The Enigma Of Life

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