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Playlist - 10944

Show Number: 456

17th May 11

Interviews with Frantic Amber & Frankenbok

Tribute to Ronnie James Dio

Van Halen ‘On Fire’ Van Halen

Warrant ‘Dusty’s Revenge’ Rockahloic

Black ‘N Blue ‘Target’ Hell Yeah!

Dio ‘Stand Up And Shout’ Holy Diver

Chrome Division ‘Zombies & Monsters’ 3rd Round Knockout

Frantic Amber ‘Wrath Of Judgement’ Wrath Of Judgement

Hysterica ‘Halloween’ Metal War

Frantic Amber ‘The Awakening’ Wrath Of Judgement

Wolfspirit ‘Spirit Metal ‘Ride On

Frantic Amber ‘Wrath Of Judgement’ Wrath Of Judgement

Lacuna Coil ‘Heaven’s A Lie’ Comalies

Theater Of Tragedy ‘Fragment’ Last Curtin Call

Avenged Sevenfold ‘Dangerline’ Nightmare

Frankenbok ‘Dine In Hell’ Dine In Hell

Nercophagia ‘Tomb With A View’ Deathtrip 69

Marduk ‘Warschau II: Headhunter Halfmoon’ Iron Dawn

Morbid Angel Chambers Of Dis’ Formulas Fatal To The Flesh

Obscura ‘Ocean Gateways’ Omnivium

Protest The Hero ‘The Reign Of Unending Terror’ Scurrilous

The Haunted ‘Catch 22’ Unseen

Devin Townsend ‘Poltergeist’ Deconstruction

Anarion ‘Over The Wall’ Unbroken

Cypher Seer ‘Aftermass’ Origins

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