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7th Apr 11

I do hope you enjoyed this little journey in to LOUDNESS - what it means in music, why we like it, and what it does to our body. -- Ross.

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Guests & Further Links

Hearing Damage
Thanks to Dr. Elizabeth Beach, researcher at the National Acoustic Laboratories in Sydney. Check out the Hearing Health Reports - Is Australia Listening? and Binge Listening, for some of the findings of Dr. Beach's research.

For further information on hearing damage, to get your own hearing tested, or if you just have any more questions, please, please don't hesitate to call or visit these two organisations - it's 100% FREE!
The government-run Australian Hearing (hearing.com.au or call 131 797)
Non-for-profit Better Hearing Australia (betterhearing.org.au or freecall 1300 242 842)

Why We Like Loud Music
Thanks to Dr. Barry Blesser. Barry has a website which has links to most of the papers and articles he has written, along with details of his book 'Spaces Speak'.
The article I mentioned in the interview is The Seductive (Yet Destructive) Appeal of Loud Music, and The Canadian Electroacoustic Community's eContact journal featured this article amongst many others in it's 9.4 edition 'Hearing (Loss) and Related Issues', available in full online. If you did find this topic intriguing, definitely check out the eContact journal issue which features some really original and eye- (or ear-) opening articles

Live Music and Volume
Thanks to Sven Langebeck, Brett Doig and Phil. Dr Matthew Burke and Ms Amy Schmidt wrote a particularly relavent article 'The Death and Life of Great Australian Music: planning for live music venues in Australian Cities' - though much much more needs to be written and discussed before we get some sort of balance.

The Loudness War / Compression in Music
Thanks to Adam Dempsey of Deluxe Mastering. There is so, so much written online about the Loudness War, so check out these links if keen:
War of the Levels - by Adam Dempsey himself!
What Happens to My Recording When Its Played on the Radio
The Loudness War Is Over!
What iTunes Sound Enhancer Actually Does (compression on the playback system)
Why Loudness Means Nothing on the Radio
Why Do We Like Our Music Loud
Dynamic Range Day! - March 25 2011
...and of course thanks to my high school Physics teacher and all around super-intelligent guy, Mr Beaumont.

and lastly...this, the Right to Quiet Society

Tracks Played

i wish this song was louder ELECTRIC SIX
crown on the ground SLEIGH BELLS
dutchie courage STAR SLINGER
refugees THE OVALS

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