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SmartArts: Updating Muriel’s Wedding for a 2019 Audience

Muriel’s Wedding has charged into 2019 with soaring voices and hilarious performances, along with a revamped storyline in keeping with the times.

Actress Pippa Grandison (who plays Betty Heslop) and actor David James (who plays husband to Betty, Bill Heslop) in the musical of Muriel’s Wedding hanging out with Richard Watts on SmartArts to chat about the musical.

Pippa, who played Nicole in the original film, was somewhat sceptical of the idea about the musical. But it didn’t take her long to change her mind. Both actors felt the shift in performance and production to be natural. Says David, ‘It’s a great litmus test of any good piece of work, that it standards the test of time.’

Muriel's Wedding the Musical
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