Understanding the Decline of America on The Grapevine

‘When I was in America and trying to make sense of what I was seeing, you can’t do it by logic alone - you need to turn to aesthetics and understandings of the fundamentals of politics. Part of that is philosophy.’ Richard Cooke, The Monthly’s US correspondent and contributing editor joins The Grapevine for a fascinating discussion about his book Tired of Winning: A Chronicle of American Decline - a series of dispatches of over 20 states across the US.

Richard has a hybrid approach of essays by correspondence, taking his reports and stringing them together to create a mosaic picture of what the US looks like now. From his account of a violent border crime committed by a law enforcement officer going unnoticed, to the surprising appeal of Jordan Peterson, Richard chats about the stories inside his book and his key to understanding America.

Richard Cooke on The Grapevine
Listen to Understanding the Decline of America on The Grapevine35:2913 May 2019