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Tony Biggs Interviews Malcolm Turnbull – The Extended Version

On The Blower’s Tony Biggs goes head-to-head with Malcolm Turnbull in this longform, wide-ranging discussion. Biggsy asks the former Prime Minister (who recently published his book A Bigger Picture) about a plethora of topics – from why Medicare doesn’t cover dental, to Turnbull’s career beginnings, broader economic questions, the changing nature of news and information, how Turnbull picked his ministers, climate change denialists, the Uluru Statement from the Heart, and heaps more. For those of you who heard the on-air version, skip the first 27 minutes to get to the unaired section of this.

Phone photo: Quino Al on Unsplash; Malcolm Turnbull photo: European Council President (Creative Commons).

Biggsy and Turnbull phone composite photo
Listen to Tony Biggs Interviews Malcolm Turnbull – The Extended Version48:434 May 2020