The WIP Project On Full Circle

The WIP Project is a free online database of female and gender non-conforming (GNC) dance music artists and industry professionals. The database aims to unite bookers, artists and the wider dance community in the common goal of improving diversity and equality through sharing talents and championing those who need it. The founders, Sarah Morgan, aka DJ Sarah, and Florence Brown, aka DJ Floss Dogg, join Millú to chat about how the project came to be. The project was started when people kept asking if Sarah knew any female DJs. For a time, she kept a list with names of people they knew, which then turned into a spreadsheet that just seemed to keep growing. With the technical expertise of Florence, the spreadsheet evolved once more into a website. Not only does it list DJs and producers, but also those who work behind the scenes in the dance music industry.

Listen to The WIP Project On Full Circle09:072 June 2020