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The Secret Life of Seaweed on Breakfasters

Seaweed is currently on trend. The simple underwater inhabitant is not only a source of delicious food but can also be used for numerous other things, including as a carbon sink. Microbial ecologist Gregory Crocetti and conceptual artist Briony Barr join Breakfasters to chat about the upcoming event Seaweed as Collaborator at MPavilion. Combining the disciplines of art and science, the pair has been using microscopes and art to take a closer look at the world around us for the last 10 years. By zooming in on seaweed they hope that people can get to know seaweed a bit better and learn about its many varied uses throughout the world, as a food, fibre and fuel. The event will allow us to dive into the world of seaweed and the many possibilities this humble plant may hold, including as a potential way of tackling climate change.

Seaweed as Collaborator on Breakfasters
Listen to The Secret Life of Seaweed on Breakfasters07:495 December 2019