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The Score: The Purple Shall Govern By Roberta Joy Rich

Roberta Joy Rich is an artist whose exhibition, The Purple Shall Govern, is showing at Footscray Community Arts Centre until Thursday 27 March. Rich’s work explores the resilience of people during Aparthied-era South Africa alongside those living on the unceded sovereign lands of Australia.

“When asked the question in the context of my practice – who is afraid of public space? – I am naturally and immediately drawn to the histories of First Nations and People of Colour who have experienced oppressions from how they have been regulated or oppressed in public spaces,” Rich explains. “I really wanted to use my stories and my family’s stories in this exhibition to also platform the Apartheid of these lands that I don’t think is spoken about widely enough.”

Photo: Jody Haines

The Purple Shall Govern
Listen to The Score: The Purple Shall Govern By Roberta Joy Rich32:3523 February 2022