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The Score: Negotiating Identity With Researcher Lillian Mwanri

Flinders University researcher Lillian Mwanri recently conducted a study exploring how young African refugees “define their identity and how they define their belonging in Australia”. Some arrive unaccompanied as minors and may have experienced trauma or lost family members. She says that there are cultural perspectives and expectations that are quite different and navigating this can be challenging – they can also experience stress related to inadequate socio-economic and cultural support. Lillian Mwanri joins Samira to share the findings.

She explains that services specifically tailored to young people and that are culturally appropriate are necessary to help people negotiate the conflict in their sense of belonging. The participants of the study shared that they didn’t relate to existing services because “they didn’t see people who looked like them and that’s why they didn’t trust these people, and trust is very important”.

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Lillian Mwanri
Listen to The Score: Negotiating Identity With Researcher Lillian Mwanri19:187 April 2021