From an episode of The RapPresented by Bez Zewdie and Jim Malo


The Rap: ‘The Invisibility Of Microaggressions’ With Dr Gatwiri

"The perpetrator [...] performs it as a 'joke' or 'compliment' [...] then the burden of interpretation is on the recipient. Because of the constant patterns of gaslighting, you end up doubting your experiences" – Dr Kathomi Gatwiri

Dr Kathomi Gatwiri is an award-winning trauma and race researcher, senior academic at Southern Cross University and founder of Healing Together, whose work centres around the politics of race in this country, including her current survey exploring the impacts of the Black Lives Matter movement on Bla(c)k people (which you can fill out here) and her research exploring the ways race informs how Black parents raise their children in Australia.

On this week's summer edition of The Rap, Dr Gatwiri joins fill-in presenters Bez Zewdie and Jim Malo to chat about her recent study Racial Microaggressions at Work: Reflections from Black African Professionals in Australia, which provides much needed insight into racial microaggressions (such as hair and accent discrimination) and the experiences of African professionals in Australian workplaces.

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Listen to The Rap: ‘The Invisibility Of Microaggressions’ With Dr Gatwiri20:4514 January 2021