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The Rap: The Abandonment Of Temporary Migrants During The Pandemic

Neha Madhok, national co-director of Democracy in Colour, chats about the Migrant Worker Justice Initiative “As If We Aren’t Humans: The Abandonment Of Temporary Migrants In Australia During Covid-19” on The Rap. Many temporary visa holders, such as international students, have been doing it tough. Neha says there is a misguided image of international students having lots of money or coming from rich families, which is not necessarily the case. They come with some savings, however the casual jobs they support themselves with have now disappeared during the pandemic. 

Although they have been told to go home, many cannot as the prices for flights are too expensive. The report also says that temporary visa holders feel rejected by Australia, even though many have made their lives here. There is some help and groups supporting temporary visa holders, including grassroots groups, family and friends, unions and non-for-profit organisations. Neha also says that they are working with local councils to obtain income assistance.

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