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The Rap: Centring First Nations' voices in Australia's music industry

It’s no secret that the Australian music industry, very much like the wider media industry, is very much lacking in diversity, particularly when it comes to First Nations representation.

Many of the industry’s head honchos would have you believe it’s simply due to a lack of “diverse options”, while ignoring the many of social and financial barriers that alienate underrepresented musicians.

A new study from the Australian Council for the Arts has just been released, detailing not only these very challenges, but also the many strengths of First Nations' music communities, and the ways the industry can foster and support First Nations artists and their careers.

Michael Hutchings, First Nations Project Officer at the Australia Council for the Arts, joins Bez Zewdie - filling in for Areej Nur on The Rap this week - to talk through the findings of this much needed research.

Survey of First Nations Music Artists
Listen to The Rap: Centring First Nations' voices in Australia's music industry10:247 October 2020