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The Mission: First Nations Media During The Pandemic

In response to the pandemic, First Nations media outlets have played an important role in communicating with Indigenous people and broader audiences by providing targeted, relevant and reliable information. First Nations Media Association (FNMA) has partnered with the University of Melbourne to produce a report entitled Above and beyond broadcasting: a study of First Nations media and the COVID-19 pandemic. FNMA CEO Dennis Stokes joins The Mission to discuss the report and its findings. 

Dennis says that the report focuses on the media's response during the first stages of the pandemic and draws on case studies. He says that one of the main lessons discovered in the report was the importance of First Nations people creating and delivering important messaging. This was seen in one instance through the creation of a vaccine roll-out campaign made specifically for people for their community and delivered in language. 

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Dennis Stokes
Listen to The Mission: First Nations Media During The Pandemic15:1115 February 2022