The Grapevine: The Ethics Of Social Credit Systems

The ‘social credit system’ involves the centralised scoring of people’s everyday actions, which is calculated into an overall trustworthiness rating that is used to regulate social behaviour. With the system set to go live in China this year, civil liberty advocates have expressed concerns about the ‘Orwellian’ nature of the plan. But how different is it from the everyday practices in Australia of rating your rideshare driver or accommodation host, or even having your credit application denied for unknown reasons?

Dr Niels Wouters, Head of Research and Emerging Practice for Science Gallery Melbourne, is a leading artificial intelligence ethicist and joins the program to discuss the complex issues at play in these social systems, including how they might limit freedoms and reinforce biases. He also gives the details of his upcoming online event as part of Melbourne Conversations.

Photo: Gilles Lambert (Unsplash)

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Listen to The Grapevine: The Ethics Of Social Credit Systems14:4811 May 2020