The Golden Age Of Piracy: What Inspired Punk Legend Sarah Hardiman?

Tristen Harris invites Sarah Hardiman from Deaf Wish, Moon Rituals and Brickhead onto The Golden Age Of Piracy to chat about the five songs that floated their boat and inspired their sound.

Beginning with the albeit "mainstream" yet legendary Nirvana, Sarah shares their ongoing love affair with the “crashing music” of Kurt Cobain, how “Come As You Are” taught them how to sing whilst playing the guitar and their first introduction to “anti-macho” guitar solos. 

Moving onto the Queensland band Fur and “Big Red Crab”, Sarah reminisces about their trips to the local corner pubs where they would watch the “scary” female trio while headbanging all over the place - their first taste of local rock n’ roll cliche and community punk.

Next in the line-up are Bikini Kill (“Suck My Left One”) and The Raincoats (“Odyshape”), two bands that showed Sarah the queerness of the '90s and how wild and non-conformist DIY punk can be. Finally, Molly Nilsson’s “Hey Moon!” began Sarah’s journey into the world of synths in place of punk guitar, a refreshing change that totally altered their creative sound from there on out.

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Sarah Hardiman
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