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The Glasshouse: Exploring Memory Through The Videogame ‘Apartment’

Over the last couple of years, most of us have become intimately familiar with our homes through rolling lockdowns and self-isolations. But what if you were unable to return to your home during this time? That's the situation that faced digital artist and videogame developer Kalonica, who had to leave her apartment in March 2020 and drew on this experience for her new game Apartment. Commissioned for the Freeplay Independent Games Festival, Kalonica created a digital version of her apartment from memory, rendering all the objects and rooms from notes she made in the months after leaving her home. In talking to fill-in host Bec Fary, Kalonica describes her intentions in creating the game and how her personal experiences and memories reflect the collective experience of so many of us.  

Download and play Apartment.

Kalonica and Bec Fary - Square Format
Listen to The Glasshouse: Exploring Memory Through The Videogame ‘Apartment’33:2412 January 2022