The Curious World Of Sex And Social Media On Byte Into IT

Social media and sex have a complicated relationship. It’s often associated with danger and teenagers; however people may also use the platforms to experiment and build relationships and communities. Digging into the curious world of sex and social media, Dr Emily van der Nagel from Monash University chats to Byte into IT about her new book co-authored with Katrin Tiidenberg, Sex and Social Media, which explores the vast and varied landscape of sex and social media platforms and the implications they have on our lives.

From the moral anxiety that buds when sex, technology and public life come together, to the laws and regulations that prevent adult content, Emily discusses the ways in which people navigate these mediums. Even though some platforms have managed to somewhat stamp sex out, people find ways of finding and experiencing intimate experiences. She says that platforms should acknowledge that adults like sex and "not safe for work content" shouldn’t override all contexts and that a wider application that sex is a part of life is needed.

Dr Emily van der Nagel
Listen to The Curious World Of Sex And Social Media On Byte Into IT27:0822 July 2020